New Programmable TOTP token Protectimus Flex

Programmable OTP token Protectimus Flex comes in the form of a key fob with a battery life indicator, which makes it more comfortable to use, and more durable

How the new TOTP hardware token Protectimus Flex works

  1. So-called classic tokens, they are delivered with the seed hardcoded and the user cannot change it.
  2. And programmable ones, a programmable TOTP token is designed for a seed to be written into it multiple times.

Which sites can Protectimus Flex hardware 2FA token be linked to?

Keyfob form-factor advantages

How to program the Protectimus Flex TOTP generator

  1. Download our TOTP burner application to your Android phone.
  2. Start the MFA setup on the website you want the token to be linked to.

Frequently Asked Questions

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