How to Secure VPN with Two-Factor Authentication

VPN two-factor authentication adds another layer of security to the primary method of authentication (password), Protectimus 2FA solution can be connected to any VPN service with the help of the RADIUS protocol using the Protectimus RProxy component

Why You Should Add 2FA to VPN Connections

1. VPN Two-Factor Authentication Protects Against Phishing Attacks

2. Two-Factor Authentication Is Required to Reach the Compliance Conditions

3. VPN 2FA Helps to Enforce Certain Specific Security Policies

4. VPN 2FA Helps to Ensure Consistent Security for On-Premises and Cloud Apps

How does Two-Factor Authentication Secure Your VPN

Protectimus MFA for VPNs: Features and Benefits

1. Compatible with Most VPN Solutions

2. Easy to Use VPN Two-Factor Authentication

3. Various OTP Tokens

4. Additional Security Features

5. Free VPN 2-Factor Authentication Integration Support

Two-factor authentication solutions for business. Secure your organization’s and user’s data with MFA:

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