Protectimus EVV system allows the homecare service providers to determine the exact time and duration of visits of their employees to the clients with the help of OTP codes from hardware TOTP tokens

Multi-factor authentication

Don’t reinvent the wheel, use cloud-based two step authentication, add several authentication methods, use adaptive authentication, and encourage users to activate 2FA

Adaptive Authentication or How to Make 2FA Convenient for Users

Adaptive authentication means analyzing behavioral factors typical for the user and asking for a one-time password only if a large number of mismatches is detected

Setting multifactor authentication up can be a daunting task, and we’re here to cover all you’d ever need to know about it.

VPN two-factor authentication adds another layer of security to the primary method of authentication (password), Protectimus 2FA solution can be connected to any VPN service with the help of the RADIUS protocol using the Protectimus RProxy component

Tools you need for remote work, IT security threats you should be aware of when working remotely, and cybersecurity tips for remote working


Two-factor authentication solutions for business. Secure your organization’s and user’s data with MFA:

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