The Protectimus two-factor authentication service and on-premise platform offer a self-service feature that allows users to independently perform a number of actions related to issuing and managing their OTP tokens and their own data. The system administrator determines which actions are available to users. The list of possible actions includes:

  • registration of new tokens;
  • registration of existing tokens;
  • re-assigning the tokens;
  • unassigning the tokens;
  • tokens synchronization;
  • PIN setup;
  • removing PIN;
  • creating passwords;
  • changing passwords;
  • changing email addresses;
  • changing contact phone numbers;
  • changing logins;
  • changing first names and last names;
  • managing user environment.

In this article, we’ll show you how to…

Setting multifactor authentication up can be a daunting task, and we’re here to cover all you’d ever need to know about it.

MFA is usually viewed as a sensible thing to have, and indeed, sometimes your partners or regulators can request setting multifactor authentication up before you can start operating at full capacity. Well, let’s dive into the main specifics of it!

So, you are weighing all pros and cons regarding the implementation of MFA authentication in your business. And naturally, you are leaning towards making the best use of it. Setting multi-factor authentication up can be a daunting task, and we’re here to cover all you’d ever need to know about it:

What Is MFA and How It Improves Your Business Security

Let us first define what is multifactor authentication in…

VPN two-factor authentication adds another layer of security to the primary method of authentication (password), Protectimus 2FA solution can be connected to any VPN service with the help of the RADIUS protocol using the Protectimus RProxy component

VPN, or virtual private network, is a popular and proven security tool used by companies across the globe to protect remote access to their corporate networks, especially today when almost every company switched to remote work, at least in part. VPN allows the creation of an encrypted link between a user and the company’s private server. And while this secures the corporate infrastructure from the direct attacks of malicious agents, VPNs themselves are still open to hacker intrusion. Here’s where VPN two-factor authentication comes into play.

Multi-factor authentication, or MFA, mitigates multiple VPN security risks, protecting the VPN from unauthorized…

Tools you need for remote work, IT security threats you should be aware of when working remotely, and cybersecurity tips for remote working

Remote work is a blessing for some people and a real curse for others. In this article, we have collected all the tips to help you organize remote work in your company. We are talking about task trackers, modern communication tools, and the organization of remote access to corporate servers at the same time. We used all our experience to make this difficult task easier for you.

What’s important, when organizing a home office for your employees, you should think about cybersecurity. We are ready to help you with risk management to avoid potential hacker attacks and protect all remote…

keylogger — what is it
keylogger — what is it

There are hundreds, if not thousands, types of malware spread online. Out of them all, keyloggers can legitimately be considered the worst. We are not being dramatic here. If you get infected with a keylogger virus you basically show the hackers everything typed on the keyboard. Passwords, credit card credentials, messages, everything you search for, all of it gets to be exposed and easily stolen.

Read on to learn:

sms authentication
sms authentication

It’s delightful to see that more and more websites, apps and services employ MFA and even make this type of log-in protection a mandatory feature. What makes us a bit concerned, is that a huge portion of those websites still opt for SMS 2fa. Despite the facts that SMS verification has too many limitations and has been proven to be a lot less secure as any other two-factor authentication method. In fact, NIST (the National Institute of Standards and Technology) has issued a recommendation to replace SMS authentication with other types of MFA back in 2016. We do believe that…

Programmable OTP token Protectimus Flex comes in the form of a key fob with a battery life indicator, which makes it more comfortable to use, and more durable

You asked, and we delivered — the new programmable TOTP token Protectimus Flex in a key fob format is already here!

Unlike our other popular programmable hardware token Protectimus Slim NFC, the new Protectimus Flex TOTP token comes in the form of a key fob. This makes our latest two-factor authentication hardware token more comfortable to use, and more durable. The security token can easily be fastened to your keys, this way you won’t forget it, or lose it. There is a bonus feature in the new gadget — it has a battery indicator. …

A comprehensive comparison of cloud vs on-premise multi-factor authentication solutions to help you choose the best MFA for your business

The basic idea behind any type of multi-factor authentication is communication between an MFA device and a server. An MFA server can be set up either on-premise (locally within your company’s infrastructure) or in a cloud. Both approaches have their pros and cons. In this post, we aim to give you a comprehensive comparison of cloud multi-factor authentication vs on-premise 2FA solutions to help you choose the best 2-factor authentication for your business.

How 2-Factor Authentication Works

Unlike single-factor authentication, which requires only a passcode, multi-factor authentication requires two, or all three of the next determinants:

  • Something you know, which is your user password;

Elon Musk twitted that Tesla app two-factor authentication is now on the way: why is it good, and what tokens are better to use for Tesla 2FA

Without a doubt, Tesla’s electric cars are the best vehicles on the market right now. They attract people with modern design, high efficiency, and the low cost of maintenance and operation. These vehicles are generally considered pretty theft-proof, thanks to always-on GPS which lets owners track their cars. But numerous smart features still make these cars extremely vulnerable to hacking. That’s how the two-factor authentication has become one of the most awaited things among Tesla users.

The good news is that the Tesla CEO Elon Musk has recently twitted that 2FA is now on the way. …

In this post, you’ll learn how to pay less for the multi-factor authentication, and what features make it more userfriendly and reliable

MFA or multi-factor authentication by definition is a technology that limits access to a user account unless the user presents two or more pieces of evidence that prove that they are who they claim to be, moreover, the evidence must be of different natures: something they know, something they have or something they are. Overall, the process is regarded as helpful, as it is a solution to many security threats including phishing, brute force, keyloggers, some cases of social engineering and MITM attacks. …


Two-factor authentication solutions for business. Secure your organization’s and user’s data with MFA:

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